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Learn how the lack of usability of your company's website is harming your business

Web usability can be defined as a quality attribute that measures the ease with which user interfaces are used.

When a user accesses a website he or she has a goal, that varies from person to person. This goal can be to find a specific page, read and share an article in social media, find the contacts of your company, among others. The ease with which the visitor accomplishes this goal is the great factor of evaluation of a website’s usability.

More specifically, there are a few key factors that can help you determine the usability level of your site:

  • Learning: Do visitors to your website quickly learn how to navigate pages?

  • Efficiency: As soon as someone learns how to navigate your website, how easy is it to perform basic tasks such as finding the menu, filling out forms and shopping online?

  • Memory: After some time without accessing your site, how easily can a user achieve his goal?

  • Satisfaction: Usability is not just about the ease with which your site is used, but also how pleasant to use is the design and therefore, how pleasant is the user experience.

These elements are important because users only spend a few seconds on one site before navigating to another if the first experience does not please them. If your site is difficult to use or takes a long time to load, chances are the visitor will choose to access another. A well structured site will further increase the amount of results obtained through the page.

It is also important to remember that responsiveness is an essential feature these days. A website has to be easily viewed and used on different devices, such as a PC, mobile phone, tablet, laptop and even a television screen.

As a rule, good usability is directly related to the quality of the website design. The fonts used, color consistency, and even the shape of the buttons you use on your site can determine whether or not a visitor has a good browsing experience on the site.

All these factors will inevitably weigh on the decision of whether or not to choose your business. The investment of hiring a quality webdesign team that builds a good website for your company may be minimal in the face of the advantages you will draw from that expense. That's why we advise your company to turn to professionals and enjoy the enormous benefits that will come from having a website with an excellent level of usability.

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