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5 reasons why your customers do not leave your business reviews

It is proven that people rely on recommendations from friends, family or even strangers about services and products. It is now common practice for a user to search the internet about a restaurant and decide whether or not to dine there based on the reviews or ratings of other users.

For this reason, customer ratings are more important than ever, especially as we live in an age where it is so easy to find alternatives for most products or services.

Positive reviews help build a positive reputation for your brand and attract new customers. On the other hand, negative reviews are driving potential customers away from your company. For brands, however, negative reviews can help identify and solve problems and deal with complaints.

Another problem, sometimes even worse than having negative reviews, is your business not having any customer rating. In addition to making the decision to work with you more difficult, it creates some mistrust in users seeing a business that is not evaluated by anyone. This may cause these users to opt for competitors with more reviews. In this article, we leave some of the main reasons why your customers do not leave reviews of your business.

You do not ask

The main reason users do not leave reviews of their business is that they are not asked to do so. Posting a comment takes time, and people, being naturally self-indulgent, will hardly publish a review unless they have reason to do so. If the client's experience is really bad or extraordinarily good, it is much more likely that he will leave an evaluation on his own initiative. Otherwise, they will not take the time. Ask your customers to leave reviews, you will see that the number of reviews will increase for sure.

You are not on social media and Google My Business

If your business is not on social media and is not listed on Google My Business, your customers simply do not have room to tell you what they think about your business. Make sure your business is listed on Google and social networks, with the correct name and all company information.

You do not offer incentives

Time is precious, especially that of your customers. If you want them to spend time evaluating your business, you should offer them some benefit. It is common practice to offer additional discounts and coupons in exchange for reviews. For example, for each purchase that is made at McDonalds, a customer receipt is provided with a code that allows you to evaluate the service and quality of the store where it was served. In exchange, you are offered an ice cream in the next purchase.

Evaluation is not requested at the right time

There is a right time to ask your client to do something. Do you know the best times to request an evaluation?

  • Soon after the service has been provided / product purchased;

  • When clients make you get positive feedback;

  • When they mention your brand on social networks;

  • You ask the wrong questions.

By asking the right questions, you will ensure positive and informative comments:

You never respond to comments

If you never respond to the comments that are left on your pages, it shows that you do not care about what your customers think. Even if someone posts a negative comment, take the opportunity to tell your side of the story, apologize and offer a solution. If someone leaves positive reviews, thank them. This will show that you value all opinions and the fact that a customer took the time to leave a comment.

Consider all these reasons and find time to deal with customer reviews. If your customers still do not leave reviews of your business, follow these tips.

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