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How to Prepare Your Digital Marketing Campaign for Christmas

Christmas is approaching, and with that, a time for great profit for companies. Consumers invade shops and e-commerce sites in search of gifts for their loved ones. 

However, with so much supply available, it is increasingly important that brands engage in well-structured and time-planned Digital Marketing campaigns. It's no use having the best offer if potential customers do not know it exists. Today, we leave you some important steps to prepare for your Digital Christmas Marketing campaign.

Do not leave everything to the last minute

This tip may seem obvious but in fact, the lack of advance planning still remains one of the big business problems. Remember that nowadays Christmas shopping starts earlier and earlier, especially due to special promotions like Black Friday, which is in November. So, it's not unreasonable to start planning your digital marketing campaign in September or October.

Analyze the results of previous years

You should always look at campaigns from past years and realize what worked and what did not. Knowing which platforms gave you the best results in the past will help you better define this year's campaign. You should also pay attention to the periods when you had the most conversions. Creating extra campaigns to reinforce these slower times can help increase your conversions overall.

On the other hand, with the constant emergence of new marketing tools, it is important to explore these new tools that did not exist in previous years.

Know what you want to promote

Every year, there are some items that are more successful than others and receive a lot of attention from consumers. Integrating a wishlist into your e-commerce where potential customers can place their wishes is a great way to see which products are most in demand at Christmas. Then, create campaigns around these products and further boost your sales.

Having this information as early as possible will bring you a great advantage over the competition. Once you've set the ones you want to squeeze out of your stock, you can start building content, advertising on Google and social networks, email campaigns, all the resources you need to have a great marketing campaign.

Promote your products in an original way

For many people, Christmas shopping is an obligation and not a leisure activity. So try to make your product as appealing as possible, whether through irresistible promotions or other more original ideas. For example, you might suggest less obvious ways to use your products, for example, how to build a Christmas basket with different products of your brand.

Content for the blog, newsletters and social networks that help consumers choose Christmas gifts is always in demand. Some examples of blog articles to share:

  • Gifts under 20 euros

  • Gifts for boyfriend/dad

  • Gifts for girlfriend/mother

  • Perfect gifts for those who like to travel

Enjoy the whole holiday season

Most campaigns focus on the month of December. However, it's important to keep in mind that the Christmas shopping season starts in early November with Black Friday and ends only in January after the New Year's sales. Enjoy the early days of January to encourage the public to "start the new year with ..." your product or service and extend the shopping season as much as you can. 

All of these tips will definitely help you plan a successful and more organized Christmas Digital Marketing Campaign.

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