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4 mobile marketing strategies you probably haven't tested

Mobile targeted marketing is extremely relevant today. At a time when everything is done using a smartphone, having an exclusive mobile strategy should be a concern of all brands.

A mobile marketing strategy will help you reach more people and convert more leads. Because of this, and because it is also sometimes easy to fall into a routine, we offer you four mobile marketing strategies that you probably haven't tested yet.


Hyperlocal Marketing

You may never have heard of this concept, but it is not such a recent strategy. Broadly speaking, Hyperlocal marketing causes a company to define a specific zone - a kind of “fence” - and whenever someone enters that area and has their app installed, they get a push notification.

A good but funny example was a strategy used in the past by Burger King, which defined the area of a rival McDonald's store and, whenever someone approached a chain restaurant, received a discount voucher from Burger King.

Hyperlocal marketing may be useful for many types of businesses, such as retail, but it is still not very popular because it is not very popular.


Vertical video

Recent research shows that 94% of smartphone users keep their phone in vertical format. However, many videos are designed for a square or horizontal format. This is obviously because historically we are used to watching videos on televisions, movie theatres and computers.

However, we live in a time when marketers have to adapt. Vertical video offers a better user experience and better brand results because engagement is much greater with vertical video, even reducing costs.


Target other search engines

Most mobile marketing campaigns target Google, as this is where most mobile users are concentrated.

In contrast, Bing has only a global market share of about 1% and Yahoo about 2%. However, 33% of Bing search clicks come from mobile devices, making up about 137 million Bing users who could be potential customers if you focus your marketing strategy on that segment.


Voice Search Optimization

Voice search is a growing trend and translates into searches performed on a search engine using oral language. These surveys are conducted with a voice assistant and are mostly conducted on mobile devices.

Available data show that voice search will play a major role in the coming years. You should focus on incorporating keywords that translate the way users speak, not how they type.

These four digital mobile marketing strategies will provide you with the tools you need to drive your brand growth. Zalox specializes in Digital Marketing, we can create the ideal strategy for your company. Contact us!


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