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The Importance of Metadata for Your Website

You have surely noticed that the results that come up when you do a Google search have a small text below the title and link. This text fragment is called a meta description.

The Meta Description is a snippet of HTML code that describes the content of the page.

In the past, Google used the meta description to determine the ranking of websites. However, since 2009, it has ceased to consider these elements as criteria to determine the ranking of a site. This has led many people to disregard this important data and devalue it.

Although it is no longer a determining factor for the ranking of websites, metadata continues to play a relevant role in the performance of your site, a topic we will cover in this article.

When you search Google - although it doesn't count as a ranking factor - Meta Description content appears in the results as a page summary, allowing you to understand whether or not the page content is of interest to you. It is always better to have more information about a website before entering the page.

Another relevant aspect is that if the searched keyword appears in the description, it will appear in bold. This increases the likelihood of clicking by attracting the user's attention.

Also in social media, the meta description has a prominent role, since links to external sites almost always show a fragment of the page content. This is easily verifiable on shared blog posts on Facebook. For this reason, it is always important to complete this information on every page of your site.

Avoid unobtrusive descriptions that do not reflect what the visitor will find on the page. It should be informative and give a clear idea of ​​the page's content, always remembering that the goal is to arouse the user's interest.

In conclusion, metadata is an important element for every page of your site. While it is no longer a contributing factor to Google ranking, it is nonetheless a major factor in persuading the visitor to visit your website.

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