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How to win back customers with Facebook Remarketing?

Nearly one-third of the world's population has a Facebook account.

However, being the largest social network in the world does not only bring advantages, quite the opposite. Many users means a great deal of content and distractions, which makes it difficult for companies to capture their customers' attention on the platform.

This is where Remarketing plays an important role. This Facebook functionality allows marketers to contact potential customers who have given up on a purchase and encourage them to come back.

This is one of the most relevant marketing techniques and is used to "recapture" a user who has previously demonstrated some interest in the brand or product or service but has abandoned the process of finalizing the purchase for some reason.

What Facebook Remarketing allows is to show an ad to a potential customer who has interacted with your company before. Since they have already interacted with your brand in the past, there is a greater likelihood of clicking on that ad and converting when compared to a regular ad.


Facebook Remarketing works this way:

  • You visit your website through a Facebook advertisement;
  • A Facebook cookie logs the user's visit to the website;
  • When the user re-accesses Facebook, Facebook adds the user to a previously created audience of website visitors;
  • If there are ads created and active for this audience, Facebook will show the ad again.


The great advantages of Facebook Remarketing are that, first, according to statistics, visitors do not buy on the first visit, so it is important to continue to catch their eye.

On the other hand, Remarketing makes your product stay active in the mind of the consumer.

The functionality is available in Facebook ads and will help you promote your brand.

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