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4 Errors you should never commit on your Landing Pages

A Landing Page is an internet page designed to collect traffic and lead visitors to take a specific action.

Landing Pages are often used in advertising and e-mail marketing campaigns to convert page visitors into effective customers. The idea that a landing page is vital to the success of any digital marketing campaign is more than consolidated and there are some basic rules for building the perfect landing page. However, today we approach the opposite: mistakes that you should not commit on your landing pages in order to boost your results.


Bad mobile experience

Today, more and more consumers prefer to use mobile devices to make purchases. This means that mobile experiences are extremely important to brands. If your landing page is not optimized for mobile devices and offers a bad experience to your users, customers will quickly give up any action. Your landing page should offer nice navigation, clear CTA buttons and a nice interface.

From the moment visitors access your landing page through their phone or tablet to the moment of action, the whole process must be continuous and frictionless.


 Have only one landing page

One of the biggest mistakes people usually make is having only one version of the landing page. You can create a landing page for the same product and visitor, but make changes based on the channel from which the traffic arrives. That is, having different versions of your landing page for a visitor coming from a search engine or a social media page and having different versions for customers accessing the page through a computer or a mobile device. It is also common to build multiple versions of the same landing page for the purpose of developing A + B tests.


 Inefficient CTA Buttons

If your landing page generates a lot of traffic, but your conversion rate is unsatisfactory, your mistake is probably in your CTA buttons. A CTA should induce page visitors to take action. If it is poorly drawn or placed in an inappropriate spot on the page, visitors will not take action. For your CTAs to visually stand out, use contrasting colours to get the attention of your potential customers and guide them on what to do on your landing page. Make sure the CTA button is strategically positioned and avoid using elements that distract visitors' attention.


 Non-optimized contact forms

On a landing page, contact forms are probably the most important elements. Most of the time, they are the ones who define a conversion. To attract visitors and persuade them to fill out contact forms it is important to optimize the form.


To improve the performance of your landing page form, it is advisable to reduce the number of fields and request only the information needed to qualify the lead. Do not forget to add a strong CTA. Avoiding these common mistakes, your landing page is certain to succeed!

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