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Your brand still doesn't have a professional profile on Instagram? This is why you need to change now

Social media are great platforms for promoting businesses, and Instagram can be especially useful for brands that have a visually appealing product.

If your company has an online presence, chances are you already take advantage of the many benefits of social media. 

Recently, Instagram has made Professional Profiles available so that companies have corporate profiles on the social network, similar to what happens with Facebook Pages. Instagram's Professional profiles offer many benefits to businesses, such as advertising features and access to relevant statistical data.

Instagram Insights

Instagram Statistics enables account managers to access more information about followers and users who interact with the business on Instagram. For example, statistics on gender, age group and location of followers can be found. You can also check which publications and stories the audience interacts the most and the times when that interaction is greatest.

Instagram Ads

Instagram advertising campaigns are defined on Facebook (an associated account is required), allowing identical targeting options to the social network created by Mark Zuckerberg.

You can target your sponsored content audience by the most basic demographics, such as the age range and gender you want to target, but also by more specific features such as location, including the ability to select a range of actions around their facilities.

Promoted Posts

It is also possible to promote certain posts, as with Facebook promotions.

Contact button

Instagram professional profiles also allow you to place a Contact button at the top of the profile. You have the option to include a phone number and/or an email address.

Add Links in Stories

Instagram allows professional profiles with 10,000 or more followers to add links in Instagram stories to websites and other publications.

All of the above makes Instagram's professional profiles an excellent resource for companies that want to have a presence on the social network. Switching from a normal profile to a professional profile is as simple as tapping with a finger on the screen, so there's no reason to waste that opportunity.

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