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Why does my investment in Marketing not pay off?

Nowadays, it is unthinkable to imagine a great company that has achieved success without investing in a Marketing strategy.

All large organizations grow and consolidate themselves in the market with the help of professionals who develop customized marketing plans and strategies, with the goal of achieving not only commercial objectives but also a certain level of interaction with the target audience, among others.

However,  over time, it is common for managers to realize that the results of their marketing investment are below expectations and that the strategy is not proving to be effective.

This may be the case, and if so, it is time to rethink the strategy and adapt it to achieve the expected results. However, often the error is in the way we interpret the results. To understand that, we need to understand the main mistakes made by the companies when investing in Marketing.

Expect instant results

Many managers believe that marketing actions will have immediate effects on the company's billing volume, creating the expectation of immediate results with great impact, and then becoming disappointed.

There are no magic formulas: any marketing action takes some time to produce tangible results, even when they are planned to the smallest detail. In addition, it is common for marketing strategies to be adopted after an initial phase. The use of A / B tests, among other methods, is quite useful to adapt strategy.

Finally, in addition to not recommending you to expect instant results, we also do not recommend that you conduct thoughtless marketing actions in a hurry. It will waste energy, time and money.

Do not take advantage of social media

Many companies are keen to be present on all social networks. However, the old adage already said that "quantity is not quality," and applying the analogy to social media presence, there is no point of being in all existing networks - even those where our target audience is not present - and not take good advantage of them.

Many companies create profiles and pages in social media but forget that being present in social networks involves relating to followers. A company with a good presence interacts with its users, responds to messages and comments, that is, promotes a good relationship with those who follow its page.

Not really knowing the audience

Often, companies base their campaigns on target audiences determined by general notions, eventually directing their entire communication to the wrong target. Audience research is an essential step for any campaign, it should not be based on "I think ..". Demographic characteristics, habits, etc. will determine if a certain target audience will be permeable to your product/service and can cause the success or failure of your campaign.

A poorly targeted campaign is doomed to failure and can hurt your business's revenue.

Measure results? For what purpose?

Metrics are a crucial part of optimizing results and marketing campaigns. If you do not know the results of your campaign, how do you know what should be improved? Thus, it is fundamental to interpret the data obtained from our own tools in a certain timeframe and to observe with caution what can be improved. Only in this way will your campaigns be well designed and targeted.

If you have already made some of these mistakes, know that they are all quite common even in the largest companies. Fortunately, all of them can be corrected in order to achieve the expected results. If you need help planning a marketing campaign talk to us, Zalox is a specialist in Digital Marketing.

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