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What is visual search and why it can be a solution for your e-commerce?

Visual research is a growing trend in e-commerce. Basically, it is an alternative form of internet search where browsing is started from an image rather than the user typing text.

One technology that supports visual search is machine learning, which allows Google's algorithms and other search engines to recognize the elements of an image.

As Internet searches increase, so does the need to grab users' attention and to distinguish from the competition. Visual research can be used as a way to make the user experience easier. Visual search can boost or track your online store and, as a result, increase sales volume.

By using images to search, users have a better experience and are more easily attracted to brands because there is a visual appeal factor. For brands, visual search makes it easier for customers to find their products by simply uploading images of items of interest, as search results are visually similar options.

Compared to keyword-focused research, using images enables much greater accuracy in results.

A survey by Criteo predicted that by 2021, companies investing in this technology will increase their profit margin by up to 30%. Slyce, a company dedicated to image recognition and visual search technology, estimates that e-commerce companies using visual search experience:

  • Get 48% more product views;
  • Notice 75% increase in customer return probability;
  • Have website permanence rate 58% above average;
  • Verify 9% growth in the average purchase.


In conclusion, Visual search for Ecommerce is a trend that has emerged to grow and dominate as the research of the future. Using this technology is not only a way to optimize your Digital Marketing strategy, but also a way to make your business stand out in an increasingly competitive context.

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