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How to improve the security of your mobile application

Mobile applications are a fundamental help in our day-to-day lives: they work as a personal and professional agenda, they help us to wake up and sleep better, to travel, to make reservations and purchases, among others.

On the other hand, the widespread use of mobile applications requires extra security precautions on the part of app creators, as cases of hacked applications and accounts appear to be growing.

The identification of a bug in an application that is already on the market comprises more costs than an initial security cover. As such, there are a few steps you should take into account to ensure and improve the security of your app during development.

First, the security conditions must be listed and explained carefully. If you want to go further with the protection of your application and its functionalities, hire a professional team to deal with this specific aspect.

Review and adapt your security system whenever you make changes to your application.

Strengthen your authentication system. You should create a login system that allows your users to know if your password is strong or weak. Examples of more secure login methods are double authentication (through a code sent by message or email), or the login through fingerprint recognition, retina or face.

Encryption is another security method that you can adopt to protect your application. It translates into the encoding of information, namely user data, making it difficult for hackers to access information.

All security measures are necessary to prevent future disruptions to the system or leakage of unnecessary information, as well as to protect its users. Investing in the security of your mobile application is essential!

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