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Video on social media campaigns: What you're missing out

In times when social media marketing plays a very important role for businesses, it is essential that different techniques are used to attract and interact with the public.

Much has already been said about the importance of content marketing and the care that should be taken with the images used in blog posts and in your company’s social media. However, there is another extremely effective format that is not being used by small and medium companies today: video. In this article, we've compiled the reasons why you must use video in your social media campaigns.

First, video is one of the most shared forms of content on the Internet and with which people interact more. It is not by chance that big brands have been betting more and more on video advertising campaigns. The format generates reactions in viewers and the response is much greater than when faced with a static image or text.

On the other hand, a video campaign can expand the reach of your brand and the public's perception of it. It is proven that customers prefer to do business with brands they trust and identify with, so a well thought out and built video campaign can have the ability to bring your brand to new customers and give them reasons to like and identify with your work.

Another reason why you should consider using video in your campaigns is that it is good for search engine results (SEO). The average internet user does not spend much time looking for content, and the percentage of people who cross the first or second page of Google is very low.

Thus, marketers believe that video can be a way to make brands visible because search engines position nicely well-optimized videos, plus the fact that videos often include a thumbnail panel that appear on the search results page.

If you're still not convinced, we'll give you another reason to use video in your campaigns: social media is increasingly geared towards video. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter, all these social media networks have their video tools, betting more and more on the format of live videos.

Another innovative way to use video is to use it for lead generation. Some companies have resorted to this technique quite successfully. On YouTube you can annotate your videos. These annotations appear on top of the video, and when clicked, can point to a landing page, for example.

Finally, think that the possibilities are endless when you use video on your social networks. You can create a viral campaign that has a really important impact on your brand. Just be original and take risks!

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