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Content Marketing: Why It is Essential for Business

With the hegemony of Internet, growing use of social networks and evolution of information technologies, companies need to rethink and redefine their marketing strategy.

 We live in an age saturated with information, and often filtering relevant information becomes a costly task. In this context, Content Marketing gains special relevance in brand strategy.

For the Content Marketing Institute, content marketing is defined as a strategic approach focused on the creation and distribution of valuable, relevant and consistent content, with the goal of attracting and retaining clearly defined audiences and ultimately promoting consumption of products or services.

Content Marketing does not focus on advertising products or services, but on providing the public with useful and relevant information that shows potential customers that the company has the know-how to help them with their own challenges.

For example, your brand sells running shoes, it may be interesting to share articles about running techniques, the importance of evaluating the run, or how to create a workout plan to run a marathon. That is, share content that, on the one hand, demonstrates that you have knowledge in your area of ​​business and, on the other hand, show the advantages and applications of your product to your client.

It is this relevance and usefulness that differentiates Content Marketing from all the often useless information that companies share and send to their customers. The content created by your company must be guided by objectivity and rigor, in order to become a reference for your readers and potential clients. The idea that customers prefer to do business with brands they trust and identify with is well-grounded today. As such, companies should show potential customers who have the knowledge to solve problems, increasing the likelihood that these individuals will later use their products or services.

If you are still not convinced that Content Marketing should be part of your company's marketing strategy, we leave you a few reasons to show how you can benefit from this approach.

Content Marketing can be integrated into your social media communication strategy

You can and should share the content produced on your pages on social networks. This way you can drive traffic to your company's blog or website.

Content Marketing is good for your company’s image

Content Marketing addresses issues that concern readers and uses content that can help them solve their problems. As the focus of the information is not on sale, the potential customer will see your company as a brand concerned with your audience.

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