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The hidden opportunities of Landing Pages: Why it's essential to have one

A Landing Page is an internet page designed to collect traffic and lead visitors to that page to take a specific action.

Landing Pages are often used in advertising and email campaigns to convert page visitors into sales (CPA - Cost Per Acquisition) or leads (CPL).

The idea that a landing page is vital to the success of any digital marketing campaign is more than consolidated and there are some basic rules for building the perfect landing page. However, there are some advantages to this type of page that are often overlooked. In this article, we cover the hidden opportunities Landing Pages offer.

Offer more information about the company

You've probably come across landing pages that are almost identical versions of the ad that took you there, which in theory is correct as consumers and search engines respond well to consistent content. However, the useful space available in an ad is much smaller than in a landing page, which leaves pages with empty space that is not taken advantage of.

Avoid using large blocks of information but you can and should take advantage of the extra space available to include a diagram, image or video that adds information about the value of your company.

Emphasize brand authority

Add customer testimonials that show the page visitor that your product or service is the best. If your company has won a prize, also include this information. This will reinforce the credibility and authority of the brand and make the indecisives realize that your company is credible and choose to work with you.

Customize visitor experience

One of the big mistakes is to only have one version of the landing page. You can create a landing page for the same product and client, but make changes based on the channel from which the traffic arrives.

That is, having different versions of your landing page for a customer coming from a search engine, a social network, or even having different versions for customers accessing the page through a desktop or mobile device.

If you have questions about the effectiveness of your landing page, ask yourself if you are taking advantage of these capabilities or if your landing page is just a larger version of your google ads. An effective landing page should show potential customers how you can benefit from purchasing your product or service.

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