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Content Marketing: Why should I offer my content for free?

Currently, there is no doubt that Content Marketing has a special relevance in the digital strategy of brands.

Content Marketing does not focus on advertising products or services, but on providing the public with useful and relevant information that shows potential customers that the company has the know-how to help them with their own challenges.

However, companies often have doubts about what content they should disclose freely and what they should charge for. Is it possible to "offer" too much content? The answer is not obvious, and differs according to a number of factors, such as the industry sector and the type of content shared. However, there are some basics that apply to a large number of companies and that can help you come to a conclusion.

First of all, you should reflect on what you want to achieve with your content marketing strategy. The primary objective should be to show your target audience that you have the know-how and the ability to respond to their challenges.

Among other advantages, here's what free content advertising can do for you:

  • Attracting the attention of the target audience: If all your content is paid, you will lose potential customers who are not willing to pay for that information.

  • Free content is more easily shared on social media and digital platforms.

  • Free content will differentiate you from competitors who force website visitors to pay for the same content.

But then, when should you charge for your content? There are some circumstances in which it is justified to charge a value for its know-how:

  • The information conveyed has the potential to profoundly transform the life or business of those who access it.

  • The content will enable them to make a profit.

  • The content saves them plenty of time and work.

All these situations create in the potential client a sense of need that will make them make an investment to gain access to that content. For this reason, the customer will be willing to pay for information that is unique and developed especially for him.

In conclusion, the disclosure of free content is beneficial to companies, except in situations where access to such information "replaces" the potential customer's need to purchase your service or content. So, you should always reflect before you create your content and decide whether it is information for which you would pay or not. 

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