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The Biggest Web Design Trends of 2019 - Part 1

With the year 2019 almost halfway through, it is time to reflect on web design trends that gained relevance this year.


Analyzing the last few years, we come to the conclusion that, as in fashion, many trends are cyclical. Today, we present the first part of the web design trends that marked 2019 so far and all the reasons that make them perfect examples of what you should introduce on your site so that it always stays in line with what is in vogue.



In March 2018, Google announced that it would implement the Mobile-First Indexing, which prioritizes mobile-friendly sites. Unsurprisingly, mobile is an important factor for Google's ranking. However, considering that most searches are currently done through mobile devices, having outgrown searches made in desktop, the prioritization of mobile content makes perfect sense.

So, as the number of mobile users continues to increase, many designers have begun designing a mobile version of websites first, and only then their desktop version. Instead of adapting the structure and layout to the size of a mobile phone screen, the elements must be organized and thought out first so that the user can navigate efficiently on a mobile device.



According to recent statistics, the visual effect of the illustration on the user is seven times higher than that of the photograph. Illustration has been used a lot on homepages, loading pages, etc.

Companies like Slack and Dropbox have started using custom illustrations to convey the brand's DNA and software features, making illustration design increasingly popular. The use of illustrations can be a very interesting alternative to text and a creative way of capturing attention and making a good impression on the user.



The rise of animation in the last two years has been very rapid. In 2018 Forbes magazine pointed to animation as one of the most powerful trends in web design and there is no doubt that the forecast came true. The use of animations makes the traditional web design more dynamic and captivating. While not a completely new technology, it is an area with a lot of potential for development in the web design application. So we could not let it out from our 2019 trend choices.


Background video

One of the best ways to catch the attention of a potential customer is to create a website with a dynamic video background. Moving objects tend to be more attractive to humans. On the other hand, video helps increase user time on the page, which is good for conversion rates. In such a diverse information age, the application of dynamic elements such as video backgrounds will gradually increase this year.


These are the first trends we have selected to illustrate what has stood out at the level of web page design this year. In brief, and we present the second part of this article, with more tendencies to introduce you.

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