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The best mobile apps for this quarantine

We are currently facing an unprecedented state of emergency. The outbreak of the new coronavirus that we are leaving in has forced us to remain at home for our wellbeing, as well as our joint health.

One of the biggest challenges of the period of quarantine is the social isolation and the lack of creativity to occupy free time.

However, there are today hundreds of solutions that allow you to communicate with your friends, have fun and keep you in good shape! You should, above all, maintain a varied and disciplined routine to make this quarantine or isolation days productive.

To keep in touch with your loved ones, there are a lot of options, predominantly promoted by the use of mobile applications. Whatsapp can be used to keep a conversation updated through messages or calls up to 4 people. For video calls you can use Skype or Zoom, which will allow you to talk and see the people you wish you would have beside you. This type of apps can be excellent options for birthday parties and celebrations occurring during the period of isolation.

For you to continue to have entertainment moments for all the family, games are always a good option. Aside from the messages app Messenger, which has a lot of games for all kinds of tastes, we also suggest the application Perguntados, which consists in a game of general knowledge. All of these games require an internet connection and allow you to play with your friends and distant family, or even alone. The famous game Pokémon Go, that attracts the younger users, has provided 30 Incenses for a coin in the game, which attracts pokemons to your place, that allows you to play without getting out of home.

Being the exercise essential for a healthy life, being at home is not an excuse to be sedentary. The applications Nike Training Club, Yoga | Down Dog, Aaptiv, among others, enable personalized exercise plans for you to do at home.

If you like to cook, the applications Tasty and Cookpad - Create your own Recipes have numerous recipes so that you discover new flavours. To cook for the family and to try out new recipes with the younger ones can be excellent ways to spend time.

The applications and other forms of entertainment are a good way of taking care of your health, not only physical but also mental. Cheer up all of your family and enjoy this time at home to experiment new activities. Above all keep up the positivity!

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