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How to use TikTok to strengthen the relationship with your customers

TikTok is a social network created by ByteDance, a Chinese technology company. This application allows the recording and sharing of short videos with a maximum of 60 seconds and their editing, overlapping them with music, visual effects, stickers, etc.

In 2021, it exceeded 2.6 billion downloads.

Considering the number of TikTok users and based on the usage of brands of other platforms such as Snapchat, Vine, etc., TikTok is undoubtedly an excellent platform for companies to communicate and reach new audiences (especially the youngest). Using the same viral application as your customer, you are also making him identify with the brand.

Major brands such as the NBA, Calvin Klein and Guess have already made their presence felt on the social network, as more and more companies are doing.

Today we leave you with some advice to help you use TikTok as a publicizing tool.


Create a TikTok account and interact

Use the application to your best advantage. Make videos asking your potential customers for their opinions, revealing new products and creating giveaways that will generate a considerable number of views, likes, shares, comments.


Be part of the community

Take advantage of your presence on the platform to get closer to your potential customer. Get in on the fun and do viral challenges. Adjust your communication tone to the platform and the audience with which you interact.


Invest in advertising on TikTok

SMA, also known as Social Media Advertising, consists of promoting paid advertising on social media. Since TikTok is one of the most used platforms worldwide, investing in ads in an application that generates so many views can only benefit your company.


Finding out how to use a new application to your advantage can be difficult. Social networks can be great allies in a Digital Communication strategy. Zalox is available to assist you in this new stage. 

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