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How to revitalize your Ecommerce


Is your Electronic Commerce stagnant and needs to be revitalized? Maybe it is time to put new ideas into practice and think outside the box.

Today we leave you with some suggestions for strategies to increase the number of visits and sales of your online store.

First of all, you must have in mind that nothing is achieved without good product quality. If you are sure that your product or service has the quality and adds value to your potential customers and still does not sell, read the tips below and put them into practice.


Value the customer experience

Firstly, remember that one of the main factors is to provide a positive experience to your potential customers. Try to review the entire purchase process and implement improvements to your site. Perhaps it is time to do a general overhaul! Analyze your competition and come up with ideas that you’d like to apply to your e-commerce. Remember that a website that is not very intuitive or confusing can be the reason why you are not receiving the volume of visits and purchases that you want.


Offer shipping costs

It is common for the customer to abandon the purchase after realizing that the price of shipping costs is higher than expected. One of the most used strategies today is the offer of shipping costs from a certain value. For example, for purchases over € 30 shipping costs will be free.


Establish customer benefits

There are several ways to appeal to buying in e-commerce. From the traditional pay 1 take 2 to the offer of discounts on the first purchase, the customer needs to consider that it is an unmissable offer.

You can also offer a percentage discount with the submission of a newsletter, ensuring a purchase that may result in customer loyalty and, on the other hand, ensure that you keep up to date with your brand news and campaigns.


Bet on cross-sales or up sellings

Many brands choose to take advantage of cross-sales, or cross-sells, and offer suggestions for complementary products. By suggesting one or more complementary products, it encourages the user to consume more.

On the other hand, upselling is a sales technique in which a seller invites the customer to buy more expensive items, updates or other add-ons to generate more revenue.


Create campaigns for holidays

Dates like Christmas, Easter, Valentines Day, Mothers and Fathers Day, among others, are some of the best sales opportunities for online businesses. Therefore, an excellent way to increase the flow of visits and purchases in your e-commerce is to create advertising campaigns around these dates.


Bet on the tips we give you today and sell as you have never sold through your e-commerce. If you feel that you need the help of a specialized team, Zalox can help you develop strategies adapted to your company and your customers.

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