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Has Instagram killed Facebook? The new generation thinks so!

If a few years ago it was completely unthinkable to have a platform that would break Facebook, it now seems that the new generation of young people is disconnecting from the social network and migrating to other more dynamic channels, such as Instagram and Snapchat.

The constant evolution of different social media and the way we use these platforms is sometimes difficult to keep up with. A recent study by the Associated Press - NORC Center for Public Affairs Research revealed that American teenagers between 13 and 17 prefer Instagram and Snapchat, and that the main reason is that their parents' generation is not present those platforms.

On the one hand, young people feel that they can put the content they want in their Instagram profiles without the fear that their parents will comment and put Likes on everything as it happens on Facebook. On the other hand, Snapchat offers the possibility of sharing the day-to-day without the social pressure of likes and comments.

While it may seem irrelevant to know which platform the new generation uses, we invite you to stop to reflect. Generation Z is characterized by widespread use of the internet and technology from a very young age, using social media to socialize. This generation is the consumer of the near future, that is, it is very important that companies are present where they are and adapt their marketing strategy to the consumption habits of these consumers.

If Facebook has become obsolete for young people and Instagram is "the new facebook", then that's where the attention will turn, and you can expect new features that help companies in their digital marketing strategy .

It is now possible to advertise and sell on Instagram, and several studies point to evidence that a large percentage of traffic from branded websites comes from this social network. It is therefore essential to study the possibilities and functionalities available in these social networks to attract and interact with this audience. 

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