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Hangouts Chat comes out of Beta and Google makes it available to everyone

Google bets on Slack rival

Communication in the workplace is one of the most important components of a company. Google certainly agrees because it has just released the stable version of Hangouts Chat, the corporate communications service announced in March of last year on Google Cloud Next 2017 along with Hangouts Meet.

So far the platform was only available in beta for G Suite users. In the next seven days, all G Suite users will have Hangouts Chat available. For all intents and purposes, Hangouts Chat is Google's version of tools like Slack, Microsoft Teams, and similar projects.

Hangouts Chat lets you schedule meetings, create tasks, and get team updates directly in Chat. These integrations with other G Suite applications help teams manage work in one place.

Google is betting on Artificial Intelligence. An example of this is the @Meet bot, which helps schedule meetings and the @Drive bot that keeps the user up to date on file sharing and document access. Developers can also create their own bots and integrate their services into Chat.

One of the great benefits of Google's service is that Hangouts Chat is an integral part of the G Suite and companies that already use this service will not have to pay more.

This release can be confusing for those who plan to use Hangouts on their phone, as Google already has other mobile applications available for conversation services:  Duo, for video calls, and Allo for text (though many consider this app a flop).

Hangouts Chat supports 28 languages ​​and each "chat room" or conversation can have up to 8,000 members. The new tool is available for iOS, Android and the web.

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