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5G in Portugal - what it is and how can it benefit the companies?

Technology is always evolving. Every day, new ideas are presented and innovative technological projects are developed.

This evolution arises in every area, from the business sector, to the area of health, environment, among others.

The 5G network is one of the great technological innovations currently. 5G networks are the next generation of mobile Internet connectivity, which offers higher speed - an average speed of download of approximately 1GB per second - and more reliable connections in smartphones and other mobile devices.

After its evolution, the network reveals a low latency and a higher bandwidth, standing out from the previous generation. This can be very useful in the development of autonomous vehicles or distance surgery, for example.

The first countries to have the privilege of having cities with 5G were Switzerland, United States, South Korea, Australia and China. Ookla has launched in 2019 an interactive map (, which shows the cities where 5G network was already implemented, with currently 7292 implemented and 113 operators all around the world. Namely, European Union intends that in 2020 every country has at least a city with 5G.

Portugal is not an exception and according to the operator NOS, the 5G network is already in Matosinhos “(...) integrally operational and available, in pilot scheme, the autarchy, companies and poles of research for the development of ‘use cases’ leveraged in this technology” (Jornal de Notícias, october 2019). It can, however, just be used from this year.

This will benefit companies for the numerous advantages it offers. The ultra fast connection speed and an almost non-existent  latency will allow companies a quicker working method. The stronger network will allow the transportation of an enormous amount of data to different devices, securing a bigger business efficiency

However, to make use of 5G, it’s first necessary to have a mobile phone compatible with 5G. Models like Moto Z4, LG V50 ThinQ, Samsung Galaxy S10 and also models of the brands ZTE, Huawei and Xiaomi already have access to the 5G network.

The implementation of this new network will bring a lot of business benefits and will completely change the technological experience of the whole world when completely active and usable worldwide, opening new doors to new businesses and innovations.

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