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Zalox has overcome the challenge of Porto Exit Games!

The Zalox team does not retreat to a challenge, so we decided to go on a group activity before our Christmas Dinner.

There was an ill-resolved defeat at Porto Exit Games last year, so it was unanimous that we should try again.

We chose the challenge "The Sacrifice", which immediately made one guess that one of the elements of the team would have to be sacrificed so that the rest could escape.

On arrival at the facilities of the Port Exit Games, we were presented with a mystery: As we passed the square in front of the building, we had heard a girl crying. When we climbed up, we realized that it was the spirit of Emily, whose mother wanted to reincarnate in the body of one of our team members. To escape alive, we would have to solve a series of puzzles and mysteries that would allow us to leave the abandoned house.

All this in just an hour. In a race against time, we worked as a team and we were able to overcome the various challenges and, after 56 minutes, it was time for the sacrifice.

Teamwork and organization - sometimes difficult because we were too many and because enthusiasm made us ramble on theories - allowed us to quickly overcome the various obstacles that were set, freeing each other's creativity.

In the end, we came out winners!

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