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Why is it essential to have a post calendar in Social Media

Content Marketing is a great way to reach new customers and expand a brand's online reach.

Posting relevant content, which clarifies doubts of potential customers, and which may demonstrate unknown needs, has a proven relationship with increased traffic and consequent acquisition of Leads.

However, publishing content without discretion and without any kind of frequency is not effective. In order to succeed, it is necessary to plan in advance, from the definition of goals and personas, through the construction of an editorial calendar.

The editorial calendar or social media calendar is a document that includes all the programming related to the content strategy of the brand, from dates of posts in the blog, dates of promotions in social media, content themes, hashtags to use, etc.

A calendar of publications enables you to have a global view of the brand's digital content plan and content planning and production far in advance. Thus, it is much easier to follow the production process and facilitates compliance with deadlines.

The editorial calendar avoids last minute surprises, such as content not being ready in time for publication.

There are multiple tools that help Communication and Digital Marketing Professionals plan their posts on social media, including software that allows them to leave scheduled publications, which analyze the times their followers interact most, among others. Some of these software are Social Pilot, Hootsuite, Post-Planner, Buffer, Tailwind, Onlypult.

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