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Why is a Press Office essential in the digital age?

Nowadays, we live immersed in a digital world. This digital environment enhanced the communication of companies, who currently have at their disposal several channels to interact with the public.

With more and more companies' websites and the popularity of blogs, companies can contact more closely with their audience, potential customers and followers. In addition, companies have social media as one of the main communication platforms and also email marketing.

However, despite having all these platforms and channels at their disposal, companies should not underestimate a communication aspect that seems forgotten these days. We refer to the press office, which remains extremely important in this digital era, although not everyone recognizes it.

Did you know that the press office continues to be crucial in a time when digital presence is also more important than ever? 

Media continue to play a major role in society, especially as sources of information. Newspapers, magazines, information sites, TV and radio maintain a credibility that other platforms, particularly most sites on the internet, do not share. This is partly because information is handled independently and impartially.

All these reasons justify that the press office continues to have a very important role for companies.

From a Digital Marketing point of view, there are several advantages to having a press office.

First, credibility. When you want to convey a message, using serious and credible communication channels is always the best option.

On the other hand, media advisors usually already have a previous relationship with the media, making it easier to convey the information from the point of view that the company intends and reaching more people since media have a wide reach in terms of the public. Lastly, working with a professional advisor and cultivating a relationship with the media will position you as an opinion leader or an expert.

Now that you know the benefits of combining a press advisory service with a solid marketing strategy, talk to Zalox. We are specialists in Communication and we can help you with regard to the reach and credibility of your brand.

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