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What we learned about Digital Marketing in 2017

2017 has already ended but left several lessons for Digital Marketing Professionals. In this article, we recall what we learned about Digital Marketing last year, drawing on several reports published in 2017.

Content Shock is Real

The phenomenon known as content shock translates into a volume of content so high that there is no human capacity to consume it. Content Marketing has become such a big trend that we have just "drowned" ourselves in content that never gets consumed. Numbers point to more published articles, but less sharing and less interaction with that content.

This has some obvious implications for content producers:

  • It is important to recognize trends in the early stages to build your reputation and authority while there is less competition.

  • Even if you can identify the trend early, your content must be exceptional to stand out from the competition.

  • Find a specific niche where you can demonstrate your know-how. A more specific audience can be advantageous because not everyone produces content for this audience.

Less is more

An Orbit Media study has found that bloggers are spending more time creating content but creating less in quantity. Not only does it prove the old saying "quality over quantity", but it is a way of responding to the clash of content we referred to earlier. Instead of producing more content, we must produce less but more quality and invest more time and resources in promoting that content and maximizing it.

Facebook Engagement is decreasing

In 2017, users interacted less with content on Facebook. Experts consider this trend to be related to the content clash we referred to earlier. As more content is published, the average number of interactions per publication is decreasing.

This means that it is more important than ever to understand the content that is produced and shared on Facebook. Some companies saw greater involvement in publications that included questions and promoted discussion. However, as a general rule, video has definitely become the most engaging content on the platform.

Timing matters

Content has a short "life", sometimes a few hours or a few days, before being pushed into obscurity by a huge mass of more content. Thus, the timing in which it is published is essential. The data show that content posted earlier in the week has a higher level of interaction because it "gains" strength for a few days before the weekend.

Reputation is more important than ever

Anyone can leave negative comments about your brand on social media and negative publicity has the ability to spread much faster than positive. This year we learned that it is essential to have social media monitoring tools and be notified every time the brand name is mentioned. You can also set up Google alerts and receive in your email all news, and articles that relate to your company.

An online presence takes a long time to build, but can collapse with a single error.

2017 was a year of learning, and now comes the time to put them into practice in the new year. If you are looking for a digital marketing agency to outline your digital marketing and communication strategy for 2018, contact us, we are experts in digital marketing.

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