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What is Product Marketing and how to use it?

You must be asking yourself: what is Product Marketing? Is it the same as traditional Marketing? The answer is both yes and no. Product Marketing is based on the fundamentals of traditional marketing, but with some peculiarities.

While traditional Marketing focuses on acquiring new customers, generating leads, positioning and brand value, Product Marketing focuses on creating consumer demands and actions through the promotion of products.

Product Marketing aims to:

  • Development of the company's message regarding the product;
  • Presentation of product differentials;
  • Establishing the connection between the sales and marketing teams within the company;

It is important not to confuse Product Marketing with product development. The latter focuses on the development of the product itself while Product Marketing focuses on promoting the product and launching it on the market. As such, the concepts are complementary.


Why you should bet on Product Marketing

This strategy is essential to differentiate your product on the market. Amid so much supply, it is essential to be able to stand out. Product Marketing also has competencies in product pricing, distribution and design. Finally, it also makes an important connection between product development teams, marketing teams and sales teams.


How to use Product Marketing?

First, start by creating a base profile of your consumers. The goal is to analyze your target audience and establish an image of your consumer.

Then, develop the message that the product will pass on to potentials. Focus on the positive aspects of your product and the reasons why you differentiate yourself from your competitors.

After creating the message, start by drawing up the launch plan. The goal is for the product to have the greatest possible visibility. Create press releases, work on social media, invest in ads, etc.

When everything is ready, launch your product, and if necessary, make some adjustments during the promotion. Do not forget to monitor its performance and always continue to adapt the product in a way that remains relevant in the market.


Implementing a new strategy to ensure the success of your product can be complex. Zalox can help you create a Product Marketing strategy easily! Contact us!

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