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The Importance of sending Newsletters for companies

A newsletter is a publication or document that addresses one or more topics of interest to your subscribers.

For companies, it is a great way to send regular information to your customers. However, many businesses are still unaware of the importance of sending newsletters. Others have already taken root in the habit of sending out a monthly newsletter, but they have not reflected for a long time on the importance of this medium of communication, especially in the digital age we live in.

With the increase in the use of smartphones, it is especially relevant to use email as a form of communication, since anyone can receive, read and respond to emails anywhere. In this article, we cover the many advantages of sending newsletters.

Brand exposure

Sending newsletters gives you the opportunity to increase the exposure of your company as well as your products and services. Your customers know you for the products or services they have already acquired, but receiving periodic newsletters can give them a broader perspective of the brand's work and motivate them to go back to their services. Including links to your website may also encourage readers to look for more detailed information.

Customers are more willing to purchase a product or service from a company they trust, so a newsletter is a way to build credibility. As so, the content of your newsletter should be thought of in order to contribute positively to your relationship with loyal customers and new customers.

Demonstrate knowledge

A well-structured newsletter that includes topics of interest to your contact list demonstrates knowledge and contributes to building trust in your brand. Thus, a good newsletter is not one that consists only of promotions or service announcements, but rather for articles that address relevant issues for readers and potential buyers. This type of content will convey an image of knowledge to your readers, making them see your company as experts on this topic.

Keep in touch with customers

Sending newsletters can be a great way to "remind" customers that your business is up and running and is still available to do business. So, the next time they need a service, they’ll remember the newsletter your company sent that talked about it. The likelihood of remembering your brand is much greater if they receive regular information about it.

Special Campaigns

You can use your newsletter to promote products or services, or to announce the launch of new products. As such, the newsletter can be a way to strengthen your digital marketing strategy by informing customers of the news about your company's services and products.

Increase traffic on social networks and website

Including sharing buttons in the newsletter that point to your social networks and website significantly increases the likelihood that readers will access your pages.

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