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The Importance of having a Landing Page

A Landing Page is a web page designed to collect traffic and lead visitors to that page to take a specific action.

In this article, we look at the importance of landing pages for companies and explore the characteristics that a good landing page should have.

Landing Pages are often used in advertising campaigns (such as Google Adwords), and email. The primary purpose of a landing page is to convert page visitors into sales (CPA) or leads (CPL). Usually these pages include a data form for the visitor to fill out. If the goal is the sale, the Landing Page will have an associated ecommerce system.

A good Landing Page should include information about the products and / or services offered by the company, clearly legible and with a design that directs the visitor's gaze to what really matters and leads him to take action, which is the heart of the Call to Action concept (for example, fill out the form with your data).

Your company's, product’s or service’s landing page, should not be part of your website, but you can direct it to the landing page after the client has converted. In fact, many Landing Pages do not even have a menu or navigation bar. This limits visitor actions and allows you to condense all relevant information into a single page so that the visitor's attention is channeled into conversion.

An effective landing page should show potential customers how you can benefit from purchasing your product or service. But less is more. Avoid using large blocks of information and prioritize diagrams, images, and text for topics.

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