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Remarketing: what is it, how does it work and what are the advantages of using this technique?

Have you ever thought that your phone and computer are listening to you after seeing advertisements for something you searched for recently? You may not know that this is not a conspiracy theory, but a marketing strategy called Remarketing.

We often browse e-commerce sites, add products to the cart and end up leaving the site without making a purchase. After a few days, ads for that product start appearing on your social media, on other sites, etc. This is what we call Remarketing.

Remarketing is a marketing technique that makes ads appear to people who have already had some type of contact with your brand, re-impacting the consumer. The goal is for the user who has not completed the purchase for any reason to return to the site and complete the action. In this article, we explain how the Remarketing technique works.

Remarketing serves to win over those customers who already know your brand through digital campaigns or your website. Thus, the great advantages of a remarketing campaign are:

  • Increase the engagement of those who have already shown interest in your products or services;
  • Keep your brand in the memory of potential customers;
  • It can be used in e-commerce, email marketing, Google Ads, among others.

How to do remarketing?

A remarketing strategy can be applied across different platforms.

You can, for example, use Google Ads. Using this tool for remarketing will boost the conversion of your ads on search engines. Through Google Ads, it is possible to do remarketing in two ways: dynamic and for mobile devices. These two options are associated with the display network and the Google search network.

On Facebook, it is also possible to resort to Remarketing. The ads appear on the side image of the social network or in the feed itself, similarly to what happens on the Google Ads display network.

Remarketing can give your business an opportunity to recover and acquire customers, always making sure to plan campaigns so that the second impression is even better than the first.

Make the most of the advantages of your remarketing campaign, always prioritizing:

  • Understanding your audience's behaviour;
  • Research a lot about your potential customer's conversion journey;
  • Promote useful content, exclusive offers and other advantages that will attract the customer.

In conclusion, Remarketing is an opportunity for your brand to create a good image again with a customer who has had contact with it before. However, it must be inserted in a multi-channel strategy integrated with actions that will keep your brand always present for your audience.

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