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Marketing on LinkedIn: Tips from Experts You Should not Ignore

LinkedIn has evolved a great deal since its inception in 2003. Although it was created as a professional social network for recruiters and job seekers, LinkedIn is now an excellent opportunity to promote your business across multiple reasons, namely the fact that 50% of LinkedIn members have decision-making authority in the companies in which they are inserted.

For this reason, it is essential to draw the attention of these senior managers by showing the value of your business and therefore making them want to work with you. Today, we leave you with some more techniques that work for you to make the most of LinkedIn.

Write about trend topics

LinkedIn shows the trending topics of the day, that is, the articles with more interaction daily. In addition, it allows users to search for content through hashtags, and join conversations on those topics.

Writing about topics that constitute trends can help you gain a new dimension of followers who were not in your network of connections and who did not know you. Expose your view on an interesting topic to other users and create viral content. By exposing yourself to a wider spectrum of users, it will draw your attention to your business.

Write content for a wider audience

We have stated on other occasions (link) the advantages of writing for certain niches, reaching fewer people but more interested in this content. However, the founder of Backlinko - a specialist in SEO and backlinks - Brian Dean, advises you to write to a wider audience first. Studies show that content that is interesting to a wider audience has more interaction. And it does not have to be very specialized content and technical but rather, according to Dean, content that our mothers can comment on.

Ask questions

All LinkedIn posts should include a question. LinkedIn is a social network and an excellent platform for discussion and reflection. On the other hand, LinkedIn feed algorithm seems to favour comments, so getting “Likes” is not that interesting. Ensure that the content you share on LinkedIn is placed as the beginning of a conversation and encourages people to interact with you.

Make your employees "ambassadors" of the company

You should invest in your company's LinkedIn page, of course. However, do not invest all your time and effort into it. People interact 10 times more with people profiles than with company pages. So you must turn your employees into "ambassadors" of your brand. Providing training in content creation and personal marketing is a good option.

All of these tips can help you with your LinkedIn Marketing. Do not be afraid to experiment and you will surely see positive results.

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