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List of strategies to expand your business's digital presence in 2019

With the end of 2018 approaching, the preparation of a new year begins. In this period, it is common for companies to be motivated to reinvent themselves and expand their business, setting new goals and targets for the upcoming year. 

However, it is not always easy to be creative and differentiate yourself from the competition. Today, we leave you with a list of ideas to help you grow your business's digital presence in 2019.

  • Create a blog: If your business does not yet have a blog, consider creating one. Content Marketing is one of the biggest trends in Digital Marketing today. If you already have a blog, try refreshing its "face" and think about new topics to address;

  • Make a podcast: an original alternative to the traditional blog is the podcast. Organize a weekly podcast, invite opinion leaders from your market and discuss topics that are relevant to your clients;

  • Build a presence in social media: If you are not already present in social media, you are not taking full advantage of a digital presence. Use social media to interact with your customers and followers;

  • Create a webinar: one of the big trends currently is the creation of webinars. The word Webinar comes from the junction of the words "web" and "seminar". You can create paid content exclusively for subscribers or any user who wants to download your presentation, making your know-how profitable;

  • Publish case studies: One of the best ways to showcase your value is to demonstrate how you have helped other companies with your service. Post case studies on your website or blog and show how you helped other companies with your product or service;

  • Work with influencers: Influencer Marketing is widely used by brands today. Social Media are the new "window shops" and working with influencers will expose your product/service to a new and more comprehensive audience;

  • Respond to your business reviews: As well as encouraging your customers to leave reviews on your page, you should always respond to all of these reviews, whether positive or negative. If they are negative, you have a new chance of satisfying your client in the response.

Consider these Digital Marketing techniques and strengthen your company's digital presence in 2019.

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