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LinkedIn Ads: Why should you advertise on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn has gained fame as a profesional social platform, but is increasingly being touted as an excellent marketing tool by digital experts.

The ability to advertise on LinkedIn has been around for a number of years but many companies still do not use feature. In this article, we explore the reasons why you should use LinkedIn ads so your audience gets to know your products, services and content.

Targeting is the main reason why LinkedIn ads might be right for your business. If you know your customers' profile well, you can use the various targeting filters that the platform allows to make sure your message reaches the right people.

LinkedIn ads allow you to target the audience by location, company name, industry and size, professional position, schools attended, Academic Degree, LinkedIn Groups, and gender and age. Group targeting is a particularly interesting option as LinkedIn users join together in groups taking into account their areas of interest, especially those pertaining to their profession.

Group targeting can still be combined with additional demographics for better filtering of users to be exposed to the ad or sponsored content.

There are several formats to advertise on LinkedIn, whether through sponsored content, sponsored messages or lead generation with ads. Advertising on LinkedIn also allows you to set a daily budget, where ads are only shown until that amount is reached, or total, which is the maximum amount to spend for the duration of the campaign. You can also set whether you want a CPC (Pay-per-click) ad, or CPM ad.

LinkedIn also offers a result analysis tool very similar to Google Adwords, which allows you to track the progress of your campaign.

The information presented shows that advertising on LinkedIn is as valid an option as advertising on other, better-known, social networks. If so, what are you waiting for to advertise on LinkedIn? If you use this tool to recruit employees, why not use it to "recruit" customers? 

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