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Improving your Email Marketing campaigns

When we speak of Email Marketing there is often no consensus. There are those who argue that it is dead, some believe that it is still one of the most valid and efficient forms of digital marketing.

In any case, it is still a central tool of modern business, although not all brands can use it efficiently. Here are some tips to optimize and benefit from your email marketing campaigns.

1. Build a reputation

A brand's reputation is paramount in establishing a relationship with potential customers. The likelihood of a user opening an email from a brand they recognize as trustful is much greater than when it comes to an unknown or non-reputable brand. So if a user receives an email from your brand, they should immediately associate you with a trusted company, increasing the rate of email opening and clicks.

2. Customize and segment your list

A user can receive dozens or even hundreds of emails daily, and a large percentage are promotional emails. Customizing the email with the recipient's name catches the user's attention, making your email stand out. On the other hand, if most companies offer multiple services or products, you should target your audience and send content that you feel is relevant to each particular reader. Segments identify the type of content that matters to each customer group.

3. Analyze statistics

One of the great mistakes of companies that bet on email marketing is to resign themselves to the poor results without realizing the reasons behind or analyzing the available data. Countless programs let you know how many people have opened the email, how many have accessed your site through email, among other data. This data is very helpful in understanding what your target audience prefers, allowing you to plan for future campaigns more successfully. Take advantage of this information and use it to your advantage.

Is there a much higher e-mail opening fee on Tuesday afternoons? Plan your campaigns to be delivered to your audience's preferred time.

4. Make mobile-friendly emails 

There are currently no excuses for sending emails that are not mobile-friendly. Most users read and respond to emails through mobile devices (smartphones and tablets), and it is essential to optimize campaigns for this type of device. If the user opens an email on their mobile phone and has to zoom in to read and to push a button, your email is not compatible with mobile devices, and you are losing business because of this.

All these tips do not dispense with other key aspects of a successful email marketing campaign, such as an appealing layout and quality content. They are only complements to an already solid base that should benefit from this advice.

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