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How to optimize mobile marketing campaigns

We live in a mobile devices era. Smartphones have occupied a sizable share of the technology market, and their enormous use has boosted the launch of a new era of mobile marketing.

Despite their importance, marketers are struggling to optimize their mobile marketing campaigns. Today we are going to address the theme of optimizing email marketing campaigns for mobile devices.

Android and Apple devices are market leaders in the smartphone and tablet segment. The transformation of the industry into a market driven by mobile devices means that interaction with e-mails now takes place more personally and quickly. More e-mail messages are now being opened on smartphones than on PCs, making the mobile platform the perfect place to introduce an email marketing strategy.


What are the advantages of mobile email marketing?

Mobile email marketing brings tremendous benefits. As we mentioned earlier, the email open rate is the main driver of any mobile marketing strategy.

In addition, marketing automation works great on mobile devices, which makes it easier for marketers to work and increases the level of campaign customization.


How can I optimize my mobile email campaigns?

There are several steps to take to optimize campaigns for the mobile device market. Some of the key aspects to consider for optimization are:


  • Use of short email subjects;
  • Creation of creative and appealing headings;
  • Use of mobile-friendly templates;
  • Adaptation of the elements to the smaller smartphone screens (readable text, attractive colours, large buttons ...)

Email marketing requires constant monitoring because statistics are crucial for tailoring campaigns and opting for the right strategies.

Mechanisms need to be in place to provide data on customer interaction with campaigns. This data is useful for creating better campaigns and optimizing problems.

In conclusion, email marketing targeted at mobile devices is vital for any marketer nowadays. Marketing is constantly evolving and as such we have to optimize the techniques used to keep up with these changes and have the best results possible.

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