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How to develop an E-commerce quickly and easily?

If doubts still existed about the importance of Electronic Commerce, 2020 came to clarify all skeptics.

With the arrival of the Covid-19 world pandemic and the consequent mandatory confinement, consumption habits changed and the world turned to digital.

On the one hand, consumers sought out businesses that offered them the ease of online shopping and home delivery. On the other hand, businesses had to adapt to a new reality, and many were not prepared to work online. Not having e-commerce pages, many establishments opted for more rudimentary solutions, accepting orders via phone, email or social media and making deliveries on their own, which despite having helped, revealed a basic problem.


Enter the Digital Transformation today!

The past few months have been living proof of the importance of E-Commerce. If you don't already have an Ecommerce page, find out how you can create an online store quickly without exceeding your budget.

First of all, our advice is to use a team of professionals to help you develop your ecommerce page. Although there are hundreds of free template options on the internet, it is impossible to confirm the quality of the code used to develop these templates. You may even end up purchasing a template that has malicious content in the code and infecting your website and others that are hosted on the same server or your customers' computers.


How can we help you?

A website, especially an online store, is a significant and constant investment, which offers you a much greater return in the future. A good online store requires a website with the capacity for sales and stock management, order management, product creation, campaigns and discounts, among many other features.

Zalox has the perfect solution: if you want to create a website with an Ecommerce functionality, check out our new Lite solution.


Lite is a template entirely designed and developed by Zalox with the aim of meeting the needs of companies in the current digital universe. The Lite template stands out for the quality offered at low cost, for its versatility and easy management.


Among the numerous advantages offered by this service, we highlight the following:

  • Hosting services and software updates are included;
  • Premium support with staff always available to respond to customer needs;
  • Possibility of customizing the template for each client;
  • Blog integration;
  • WooCommerce online store;
  • SEO optimization that will allow you excellent results on the search engines.


Start selling online today!

The fact that the Lite template is ready to use drastically reduces development time, allowing the customer to start enjoying their E-Commerce almost immediately. This service is provided by Zalox on a monthly rental basis, which allows an initial investment of almost zero compared to the acquisition of an e-commerce platform.


Our Lite solution has a monthly cost of € 149 + VAT.

If you decided to bet on Electronic Commerce, this is the best option for you. We will help you bring your business to your new customers.

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