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How to create a successful online business with Digital Marketing

The growth of e-commerce in recent years, and especially in the year that follows, makes more and more people prefer to shop over the internet.

This means that the likelihood of an online store being successful today is greater, right? Not really. It is not enough to create an online store and wait for people to discover your business, especially at a time when there are more competitors. Today, we explain how you can create a successful online business using Digital Marketing.


Set goals

First, every business needs a plan. Your goal may be to have more sales or more interactions on social media, and for each of them there are different strategies to adopt. Let's start at the beginning: you created your website, you have your online store ready to receive customers, how to get them to you?


Know your audience

Using tools like Google Analytics, the statistics of your social networks and studying the behaviour of your customers on your website, you should be able to discover some data about your audience, for example:

  • Sociodemographic characteristics;
  • How your target audience behaves digitally;
  • How customers reach you.


This data will be essential in defining the appropriate channel to communicate with your target audience,  the tone to be used, among others.


Analyze the market

Some people argue that one should not “look” at the competition and that each one must go his own way. We couldn't disagree any more. The analysis of your business segment and competitors is essential for the definition of strategies to grow your business. Studying your competitors' mistakes and successes will help you avoid the same setbacks and think of better and more creative ways to reach your audience.


Channels to use

Digital channels are numerous today. Digital Marketing can encompass several aspects, such as social media, websites and blogs, search engine optimization, online advertising, among others. Some of the channels and tools you can use in your marketing strategy are:

  • Email marketing and newsletter
  • Social media
  • Blog (Content Marketing)
  • Search engine optimization
  • Online Advertising


It is not easy to compile all this knowledge and apply it in a thoughtful and integrated strategy and therefore the best option is often to use a team of professionals. Zalox is a specialist in the development of Digital Marketing strategies and will be able to help you in starting a new business or to leverage a previous business that has stagnated.

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