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Digital Marketing Tips to Make the Most of Black Friday

Black Friday marks the beginning of Christmas shopping for consumers and an opportunity for businesses to increase sales. Black Friday is an opportunity to strengthen ties with former customers. As such, it should be thought of as part of a strategy that encompasses not only the penultimate Friday of November but also all possible future buying moments.

In a time when studies show that Black Friday is no longer the attraction that once was, especially due to the fact that there are promotions and discounts for the rest of the year, we must innovate to achieve the goal of taking maximum advantage of Black Friday.

Building a long-term digital strategy enables effective and long-lasting communication with consumers. In this article, we leave you some tips to apply good principles of Digital Marketing in your strategy for Black Friday but reap results throughout the year.

Get to know your audience well

Your digital strategy, whether for Black Friday or any other time, should always be based on a deep knowledge of your audience. You should know where your customers are, what their consumption habits are, their preferences, their demographic characteristics, etc. All of these data will help you create more efficient ways to communicate and impact the public at the right time and in the right way.

Maintain long-term goals

Although Black Friday is a great business opportunity, you should not focus too much on the results of this event, ignoring the other 364 days of the year. It's no use having excellent results on Black Friday and not making a profit for the rest of the year. So you should always think of Black Friday as a "bonus" to a long-term digital strategy with broad goals. In addition, it is proven that a first-time positive buying experience greatly increases the likelihood of a customer returning to your site to make more purchases in the future.

As such, Black Friday should be regarded as a launch pad for a lasting future relationship and not just an isolated moment, which would be a huge waste.

Prepare your brand's digital presence in advance

As we have already mentioned, Black Friday should be part of an overall annual strategy. It should, therefore, be prepared in advance and rigorously. Do not wait until the previous day to strengthen your digital presence. If you're betting on advertising, you should set a time period before Black Friday to boost advertising and draw attention to your site. If you make specific changes to your e-commerce site, create discount coupons, and more, you should conveniently test all of these features so nothing will fail on "D-Day."

Mobile first

With data pointing to more use of smartphones than PCs, even with some believing that we should design websites first for mobile than for desktop, we should focus our particular attention on mobile. More and more people are buying online and a huge percentage of these purchases are made on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. As such, the shopping experience is one of the most important attributes for Black Friday. If a user has a negative experience, they will rarely return to make purchases on your site, either on the mobile version or on the desktop.

Be multi-channel

Black Friday is more expressive in the digital environment, more specifically at the level of electronic commerce. However, you should not neglect other platforms such as social networks, because they are huge allies of any digital strategy today. On the other hand, if you also own a physical store, you should implement changes and prepare employees and the space for a greater volume of purchases.

All of these tips will help you get better results on this Black Friday. However, let's not forget what we often point out in this article: Black Friday should be part of a comprehensive strategy with long-term goals and not just a one-day bet.

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