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Another year, another challenge: Zalox’s team went playing Paintball

Last year, Zalox’s team went Kart racing, this year we opted for a different activity: Paintball.

With the end of the year approaching, discussions began on what would be Zalox’s Christmas activity of 2018. Last year we went karting and it seems we got a taste for adrenaline. This year, we decided that we would play Paintball, a proposal approved unanimously.

Because it was December and the weather was very unstable, we opted for indoor paintball, which allowed us to play in case the weather was not favourable. Company Milícia Urbana met all the criteria that we wanted and we booked our activity for the afternoon of December 14th.

When we arrived at Milícia Urbana’s facilities, we came across a colourful environment that suggested that there would be many pain "bullets" fired. With several Counter-Strike enthusiasts at Zalox, we were already counting on a competitive afternoon and our expectations were not let down.

After we set ourselves up and listened to a brief explanation of safety rules to follow, the action began. For about an hour and a half, there were 2700 bullets of ink fired by the two teams in which we divided, in a real war scenario.

Despite the competitive spirit, fortunately, we have only to declare a few small bruises and sore legs. Everyone had fun and promises to repeat! In the end, nothing better than a team dinner, in which our already traditional gift exchange took place.

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