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3 Reasons to Invest in Marketing with Google and Facebook

Google Ads and Facebook Ads are probably the two largest and most popular online ad platforms currently running.

The recognition of their value is consensual, but many companies still do not know the advantages of introducing these platforms in their digital marketing strategies. If it is your case and you are considering investing in Google Ads and / or Facebook Ads, this article is for you. We will highlight the three reasons for using both platforms in your digital strategy.


1. Increased Brand Reach and Recognition


Facebook Ads allows you to set up brand awareness and reach campaigns, cost-per-impression optimization (CPM), and other placement options, some of which include the Instagram social network.

With these features, advertisers have the ability to generate brand awareness and attract new leads, which will recognize your company as a benchmark and not see it for the first time. Keeping that remembrance in users and potential customers is essential to driving conversions.

On the other hand, Google Adwords works like an auction: each advertiser bids for certain keywords so that their ads appear on the results. Depending on the competitiveness of the keywords, the investment may be higher or lower, and the one paying the most will appear first in the searches done using those keywords, paying a higher value for each click. Depending also on your goal, Google Ads allows you to choose from various campaign types (search network, display, video, etc ...).


2. More effective audience segmentation


Facebook Ads works similarly to the Google Display Network. Browsing users on these networks does not have the same level of business intent as the Search Network has. After all, as a rule, the user is not actively looking for the solution that their brand offers. However, this does not mean that Facebook is less effective in engaging potential customers, only that these users have a different level of intent than they will reach on Google.

In turn, setting the target audience on Google Ads is becoming increasingly crucial. There is already time when targeting audiences through keywords was enough. It's now possible to have great precision in defining your audiences and to customize offers and ads for each segment.


3. Brand Alignment


Let's start with Facebook Ads, where ads from Facebook and Instagram are managed. Facebook and Instagram are the ideas platforms to showcase the aspects of your brand's greatest visual appeal and identity. You can make announcements in Instastories, with a very significant reach and with the particularity that it is a format where people feel comfortable, on a mobile device, in full screen and vertically. You can, for example, use Facebook to optimize your reach and brand recognition and then turn to Google to convert your leads.

On the other hand, Google Ads is the ideal resource to create creative action, add value to your brand and convert potential buyers thanks to the quality of your ads.

The synergetic union of Facebook Ads and Google Ads is something we recommend. Although these features appear to be very easy to use, it is essential to seek the help of a team of professionals who plan and execute your Google Ads and Facebook Ads campaign for your campaign to succeed. Skilled professionals are poised to outline the best strategy for your ad, from choosing your keywords to creating landing pages and targeting your audience, allowing you to really increase your results through Google.

Zalox can help you plan and run Google Ads and Facebook Ads campaigns most effectively.


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