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10 reasons for your company to have an online store

Ecommerce or electronic commerce, is one of the major business trends nowadays.

The concept is simple, ecommerce is buying and selling over the Internet. Although this model exists since the 90s, it gained special relevance in recent years due to the growing use of internet and became a very profitable business model, especially because the generations born in the Internet era are starting to become big consumers.

If you still have doubts about the benefits of your company having an online store, here we present you ten reasons to venture into the world of e-commerce.

1. Ecommerce is a growing market

When choosing a business model, it is important to evaluate trends and migrate to growing markets whenever possible. eMarketer projections estimate that ecommerce reaches a total turnover of 22 trillion dollars in 2016 and exceeds 27 trillion dollars in 2020, despite the natural decrease in the growth rate. So, if you want to start an online business or expand your business to this model, this is the perfect time to do so, because consumption is growing.

2. Ecommerce influences the buying decision

Currently, when customers are indecisive about a purchase, the trend is to search online. Your website is your storefront. Customers can search for products and understand the reasons why that product is the right choice for them. Additionally, ecommerce offers the customer the ability to buy with a few simple clicks, making it a much faster and convenient process. A well-designed and structured ecommerce site can influence the customer to buy your product.

3. Ecommerce has no schedule

One of the great advantages of ecommerce is the lack of schedule. If a physical store normally is open for 8-10 hours, imagine the potential of a store open 24 hours a day. The advantages are clear to both sides. For you, there is a time window of 24 hours to conduct sales. For the customer, it is very convenient to be able to shop online without having to go to a physical store, especially at a time when schedules do not allow people to invest the little free time in shopping.

4. Ecommerce is a permanent global showcase

When a company decides to embark on ecommerce, it creates a truly global showcase. The geographical limitations that a physical store requires do not exist - for example, it would be unlikely for a Chinese customer to visit a shop in Portugal. Ecommerce opens the possibility for a much wider network of customer and as such, to a higher business volume. An online store allows anyone, anywhere in the world, to access to your products, which in itself opens up the possibility for more business opportunities.

5. Cost Reduction

Although having an online site has production and maintenance costs, a company that decides to create an online store will not have to worry about fixed expenses that are inherent to a physical space, such as rent, electricity and water. This removes a large portion of business expense. New technologies also allow you to transfer all aspects of a business online, such as billing, shipping, among others. Managing these processes through online systems enables companies to reduce costs in almost all business spheres.

6. Better information and Customer Support

Ecommerce enables information about the company and products to be more easily accessible to customers. Having an online store, the content can be updated at any time and shared with visitors to the page. Also the customer support can be improved with this business model, with chats for the consumer to clarify their doubts. A more efficient customer support translates into more satisfaction and, ultimately, to more purchases.

7. Ecommerce can improve the company's image

Having an Internet presence is essential to any company. Social media are a great way to get to know your brand, but if you are trying to sell over the internet there is no better way to convey a good company image but through a well-organized and aesthetically appealing online store.

8. Available software facilitates the process

Nowadays, there are several available softwares for ecommerce, which have improved considerably since the requirements of online shopping also increased. From sales platforms to SEO tools, with the right software and professionals to help you in the process, it is easy to have an online store. Different softwares also allow you to have a completely custom shop and choose which features you want to include or not.

9. Ecommerce offers a individualized shopping experience

There are several ways to approach the customers and create a connection between them and a brand. Many online shopping sites include personalized recommendations according to the customers' shopping habits, the products viewed and the search filters used to search for articles. Additionally, you can offer discounts and vouchers to customers, and even send newsletters with customizable content.

10. Zalox can help you

Zalox works with Magento platform. We deliver online stores with unlimited products and transactions. Magento is the most widely used software in the world to create ecommerce stores and allows you to edit products, create campaigns and manage your customers' accounts. Furthermore, it is possible to provide vouchers, wishlists, wedding lists, newsletter system, various methods of payment, promotional codes and discount system. Magento is "google friendly" because it is fully optimized for search engines. We develop synchronization systems with billing programs.

If you intend to embark on this journey through ecommerce, the help of professionals is essential. Zalox can help you.

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