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What is a copywriter and why does your company need one

In recent years, a profession related to the area of ​​communication has came back: the Copywriter.

Although it has become popular recently, the profession of Copywriter exists for hundreds of years, it just did not have this designation.

In a time when content dominates brand priorities, the copywriter's role has become more important than ever. Writing quality, well-structured and persuasive content requires more than someone with good grammar, especially as this content will be the "voice" of your brand. Well-written content builds brands, helping them in developing identities and converting customers.

Thus, the copywriter is responsible for producing written content for commercials, brochures, catalogues, material for events, websites, landing pages, among others. In conclusion, it is the copywriter who produces the marketing and advertising material, whether offline or online. Here are some reasons why a copywriter can benefit your business.

Strategy and experience

It is not by chance that politicians turn to professionals to write their speeches or that advertising agencies have professionals whose speciality is marketing. These professionals are qualified to deliver the message they intend to deliver in the most effective way possible, in order to reach an objective, be it influence an opinion, lead a user to complete a purchase, etc.

One misconception that persists is that anyone who writes correctly is entitled to be a copywriter, which is not at all correct. Although, as a rule, copywriters have excellent writing skills, it is not enough to have good writing skills. It is necessary to master a series of techniques that will enable the copywriter to develop creative, interesting and value-added texts.

Focus on messages

The internet has given companies a channel of communication in which they can say anything they want. However, being able to say everything is not synonymous with having to say everything, and a copywriter will know better than any other professional what messages should be conveyed in order to capture the attention of customers. On your website, for example, the copywriter would be responsible for producing titles, texts and buttons with the right information. It is also the copywriter’s job to decide what your site should not include in order to get potential customers to contact you directly to request additional information.


A copywriter will create the tour brand’s "voice". He/she will develop a compelling personality for your brand, with a unified voice across all platforms.

Now that you know the importance of the copywriter, evaluate whether your company would benefit from one and make decisions in the sense of completing that gap. If you already use the know-how of a copywriter, you are certainly on the right track.

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