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Pinterest’s potential to your brand 

If you seek to incorporate some changes in your Digital Marketing strategy and, above all, in your social media, maybe the right answer could be in Pinterest.

Pinterest is a social network created in 2010 that focuses on the publication and sharing of visual content by its users.

Although its visual component form is not adequate to all businesses, this social network can become a good tool to your Digital Marketing strategy. Pinterest has become a reference point for its users, who search for inspiration in many segments like art, decoration, fashion, tattoos, recipes, DIY projects, etc.

But how does Pinterest work after all? The publications, called pins, are constituted by images or little videos. These can be shared or saved in folders. The user can, this way, create a folder with elements of reference about a certain topic. 

Moreover, Pinterest has a functionality for corporate accounts. By creating a company account you can launch advertisements, get access to statistical data and share even more ideas in this platform. If you already possess a personal account, it is possible to add a business profile.

Through the publication of inspirational ideas and the interaction with users, you have the possibility to achieve new audiences, who, being fond of the product displayed in the platform, will be willing to purchase it, being that many users use this platform to shop for products.

You also have the possibility to organise your content by customizable folders (name, description, category, cover, etc) and to associate the publication to the original link, as well as the scheduling functionality and the creation of a description, in which you can make use of hashtags.

Besides the other functionalities, you can also create rich pins, which are publications which allow you to provide more information about the pin, as well as the price or installation options. Shop the Look enables your company to add little white points on the items in the image, which allows the users the purchase of the product. With the Pin Code, you can insert a QR code in printed documents that gives direct access to your account in this platform.

The potential of this social network is infinit. You should explore it in order to create attractive and inspirational content, always with your target audience in mind. Analyse your performance in Pinterest Analytics, a data analysis tool, and develop your strategy in order to attract more and more people interested in your business.


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