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Flutter: what it is and why you should use it

Do you have a new project in hand and want to optimize the construction time of the application without sacrificing the quality of the final product? Then Flutter may be the ideal solution. Read our article and find out what Flutter is and why you should use it.  

Flutter is an open-source software development kit (SDK), considered by many to be one of the most effective cross-platform frameworks. Released in 2015, Flutter allows you to clearly and effectively develop natively compiled mobile applications for Android and iOS. Read more to find out what Flutter is and why you should use it.

How does Flutter work? 

Like React Native - an open-source framework that uses JavaScript as its base - you can use Flutter to build mobile, web, desktop, and embedded applications. The difference is that it combines ease of development with native performance while maintaining visual consistency across cross-platforms. 

Created by Google, based on the Dart programming language, the Flutter framework allows cross-platform app development by writing just one codebase. 

This feature makes Flutter the biggest competitor to React Native. It makes developers' work easier and improves the user experience because the app will have the same behavior in iOS or Android. 

Advantages of Flutter

The possibility of doing two-in-one, in this case of creating a single code base applicable to different operating systems, is every developer's dream. Let's take a closer look at some of the benefits of Flutter:

One team only

The first great advantage of programming using Flutter is that you don't need two teams to develop a cross-platform app. IT means that it will take much less time to write code. This is one of the aspects that distinguishes Flutter from other development frameworks. 

Desktop support

Flutter also makes it possible to build your codebase for desktop applications on operating systems such as Windows, macOS, native Linux, Fuchsia, or Web. This framework allows you to scale a mobile application to Windows, macOS, and Linux from the same code base. 

Shared User Interface

In this cross-platform framework, some structural elements such as buttons, menus, styling, and layout options are widgets provided by Flutter, or they can be created. 

Similar to native app performance

The performance of an app developed in Flutter will be similar to that of a native application since this framework does not depend on code interpretation. Therefore, you will get an application with a good User Experience. 


Using Flutter's frameworks, you will be able to access several advanced features of the operating system such as GPS coordinates, sensor data collection, data processing, Bluetooth. This framework has ready-to-use plugins supported by Google.

This way, you can implement any function of a native app in a Flutter application. 

Increased compatibility

We have already talked about the structural elements provided by Flutter widgets. But we haven't yet talked about how these interaction elements decrease the risk of incompatibility with updates and different versions of operating systems. 

With Flutter, your app should work regardless of new cell phone models or different technologies. However, the evolution of devices or technologies may eventually make any software obsolete. 

Why should I use Flutter?

As we have seen, Flutter has a lot of advantages. Especially for developers. But using Flutter when creating an application is also beneficial for your customers. 

For one thing, it reduces the number of programmers or developers on a project. Instead of needing two teams, or twice as much time, to write code for an app on IOS and Android, Flutter maximizes time and resources. 

From the client's point of view, using Flutter to build an app is beneficial because it reduces the time to release.  

On the other hand, the app built with Flutter works on all target platforms, which boosts the growth and visibility of the companies. 

Thus, Flutter can be very useful for your next project. Keep in mind that you should be aware of your client's requests and goals when choosing the best tool.  

Apps built with Flutter

Companies of all sizes are betting big on developing apps with Flutter. 

BMW group is one of the examples. To provide a better customer experience, BMW Group decided, in 2019, to move forward with the development of an app with a universal interface that gives the user the perfect experience between the cellphone, the car, and the digital world. 

Abbey Road Studios, meanwhile, bet on Flutter to reinvent the songwriting process and launch the Topline app. The native iOS application and its version in Flutter were developed in just ten weeks. 

There are several examples of companies and brands that bet on Flutter like Google Ads, Google Play, eBay Reflectly, Xianyu by Alibaba, or Hamilton. 

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